Improve your well-being with programs that enrich your life.

Your life can – and should – be joyful and fulfilling even if you’re living with a memory impairment such as Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. At our Heritage of Brookstone memory care community, we’ve developed programs that create joyful moments and help you preserve your memories.

Valeo’s signature memory care programs are designed to stimulate your brain in fun, engaging ways. Programs are built on the science surrounding how the brain works, helping you tap into your past experiences and recall positive memories. Each program is personalized to your strengths and interests to create an experience that’s not only engaging for you, but for your family as well. Our goal is to preserve your history and legacy so it can be passed down to future generations.

A few of our Valeo Signature Programs include: 

Programming at our Kennesaw GA alzheimer's care facilityCreate and Compose

Research has found that engaging with art and music can improve brain function. It can even help the brain compensate for some of the changes associated with memory impairments and aging. Art can also help alleviate anxiety, improve social well-being and strengthen your sense of identity.

Create and Compose draws on those therapeutic benefits to help you maintain a healthy mental and emotional state. With a variety of activities including listening to music, painting, drawing and sculpture, this program will give you a break from the concerns and stress you face on a daily basis. Join in Create and Compose to create art and listen to music so you can relax, express yourself and reconnect with positive memories.

Memory Care in Georgia - legacy kitLegacy Kit

Preserve your legacy by creating a treasure chest of items that detail your life. For this program, we encourage you to work with family or friends to find objects that are meaningful to you and reflect various aspects of your personality and experiences. The items you choose could relate to your life experiences, illustrate your interests or remind you of the people and events that shaped your life.

Legacy Kit does more than just create an engaging way to document your life. It also spurs conversations and meaningful interactions between you and your family. Many times, we find that residents are better able to connect with their past and revisit fond memories that improve their life in the present. You, your family and your friends can all use your Legacy Kit on an ongoing basis, adding to its contents as needed or simply using the memories it evokes to create joy and spark positive interactions.

Memory Care in Georgia - travel timesTravel Times

Travel offers an opportunity to “get away from it all,” both physically and mentally. Travel Times brings joy and gives residents the opportunity to engage and experience different world cultures. The travel experience has been shown to relax the mind, renew the soul and offer new ways to see things. At the same time, it provides novel paths to connect and sparks pleasant, bygone memories. Travel Times is celebrated by “traveling” to a different country each quarter and is experienced through language classes, culinary experiences and programs related to the country being highlighted.

Memory Care in Georgia - creature comforts

Creature Comforts

Studies have shown that interacting with gentle animals can lower blood pressure, decrease heart disease rates and reduce anxiety and depression. Many pets also provide therapeutic benefits, offering comfort and enjoyment to their owners and those that interact with them.

Heritage of Brookstone’s Kennesaw, GA memory care community includes the Creature Comforts program, which brings pets into the community for residents to bond with. Creature Comforts features animals that residents can interact with, such as dogs, cats or birds— all with the goal of improving the physical, social, intellectual and spiritual wellness of every resident. Through Creature Comforts, you’ll also be able to share photos and stories of the pets you’ve had in your life.

Memory Care in Georgia - vita!VITA!

Routines are important to those with dementia. People living with Alzheimer’s and other memory impairments often find comfort in routines that make them feel safe and give them a sense of purpose each day. VITA! builds on those feelings, turning everyday tasks into experiences that residents can actively enjoy. It transforms routines into fun activities.

VITA! is led by our wellness staff and incorporates engaging activities like brain teasers or songs into daily routines. You may also see our VITA! participants doing trivia, exercising or completing brain teasers while they go about self-care tasks each day. Each activity transforms the necessary tasks of life into joyful moments that improve our residents’ mood and make it possible for them to engage more fully every day. For residents in our memory care community, VITA! brings a sense of calm, peace and focus that can benefit both the physical body and the mind.